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Meet The Team


Alyssia Nahar - Community Youth Builder

My name is Alyssia Nahar, and I will be working as a Community Youth Worker, with NeighbourLink, this summer! I am a recent graduate with a passion for all things art, and a desire to advocate for mental wellness and foster meaningful connections. I am excited to see where this role with NeighbourLink will take me, as I move forward in my career path to pursue counselling, and look forward to the seeds of change that will be planted as I get to meet and support the beautiful members of the Willowdale Community.


Jordan Dover - Community Youth Coordinator

My name is Jordan Dover and I’m a Community Youth Coordinator at Neighbourlink. I have a BA in Psychology and I’m currently completing my Masters in Psychology with a Sport Psychology specialization. I recently returned to Toronto from the US where I played professional soccer for the last few years. I’m passionate about empowering underrepresented communities and hope to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Alexandra Singh - Event Coordinator

Hi! My name is Alexandra! I’m going into my second year of Rotman Commerce at Uoft. This summer I’m working as an event coordinator at Neighbourlink. I’ve been very lucky to work with the marketing and events team to plan some truly meaningful events, and then being able to see them come to life on the day-of is like the cherry on top. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting some wonderful people along the way! I'm so excited for the rest of the events planned for this summer!

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Sonia Singh - Communications Coordinator

Hello there! My name is Sonia. I’m going into my second year of Rotman Commerce at Uoft. This summer I’m working as a marketing coordinator at Neighbourlink! I never imagined how impactful and meaningful this job would be. When I joined the amazing team at Neighbourlink I had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people, both on the staff and in the community. I can’t wait for the rest of this summer’s events and initiatives!


Leshona Lennard - Volunteer Youth Worker

Hey everyone! My name is Leshona and I am the Volunteer Youth Worker for Neighbourlink this summer. I’ve recently graduated from McMaster University with my Bachelor of Science. Throughout my undergrad, I developed a love for community outreach, and creating programming for youth (Bible studies are my personal favourite). I felt God calling me to pursue this path and I will be starting my community development program in the fall. I’m excited to see where God takes me next, and am very glad He has placed me here at Neighbourlink for these next few months. I’m looking forward to working with the team and the youth, and I can’t wait to see how God will use us bless this community!


Clement Yau - Community Worker

Hi there! My name is Clement Yau and I am going into my second year of Math and Stats at McMaster University and am very excited to be on the team at NeighbourLink. This summer I will have been working with Lily Su on the Food Hub side as a Community Worker. I hope to continually develop NeighbourLink by engaging with local businesses and organizations for their gracious support with us. I will also continue to work with our neighbours at the Food Hub to ensure that they receive the fresh food that they want and enjoy.


Rachael Chan - Volunteer Youth Worker

Hi my name is Rachael! I'm going to be a 12th grade student at Earl Haig Secondary School. I'll be working with Neighbourlink as a Youth Volunteer Coordinator this summer. In my free time I like to practice electric guitar and crochet. I've had an amazing experience working at Neighbourlink and I'm excited for the rest of summer!

Maria Ferrer - Event Coordinator

Hello! My name is Maria Ferrer, I go to Queen's University and currently I'm working as an event & volunteer coordinator at NeighbourLink North York! This position has afforded me the opportunity to create meaningful and creative initiatives for members of the Willowdale community, and it has been an honour contributing in this way! I look forward to the Willowdale residents I meet at all NeighbourLink North York events, and I try to bring a little joy into the lives of those who need it most!

Summer Staff 2022

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