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Our Team


Lily Cheng

Executive Director



Maria Speare

Recruitment & Development Coordinator



Colleen Stevens

Outreach Worker

Colleen follows up on calls from individuals and families who are seeking food delivery assistance or a phone buddy, need assistance accessing educational support for their children, or accessing social, medical or spiritual support. Colleen also co-ordinates the hamper programs and assists with food bank development.


Sebastian Biasucci

Event Coordinator

Sebastian organizes community engaged events that aim to foster neighbourhood connection and raise funds for NeighbourLink's upcoming projects and programs.

Communications Coordinator

Kayla is in charge of coordinating and implementing the organization's internal and external

communication initiatives to various stakeholders and audiences.

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Verly Ndongmi

Community & Social Service Worker

Verly regularly has discussions with neighbours and helps provide them with resources that will be beneficial to their lives.


Sam Osman

Community & Social Service Worker

Sam is there if you need resources and referrals to various social assistance programs in the area or you just want to vent to a listening ear. She likes to consider herself your right hand man, babysitter, sidekick, and your personal assistant all free of charge.

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Jimmy Ho

Community & Social Service Worker

Jimmy helps in the IT department to organise data and learn new apps on how to organise them. Jimmy also visits Willowtree every week to get to know all the lovely people in North York

Event Coordinator

William plans and organizes the many events that NeighbourLink North York will be offering for the community.

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