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Meet Your Neighbour


We know that it can be difficult to meet your neighbours in 

this day and age, so in the spirit of building a more connected community we launched our Meet Your Neighbour Interview Series!

To recreate a neighbourly over the fence conversation in a virtual format, our Executive Director Lily Cheng sits down with a new neighbour each week for a live conversation that is streamed to our Facebook page. 

From Neighbourhood Association Presidents, to small businesses owners, from musicians to chefs we'll introduce you to wonderful Willowdalers who make this neighbourhood such a special place to live! 

You can watch the live stream or catch the recording afterward visit our Facebook page 

You can listen to the Meet Your Neighbour podcast here or wherever you get podcasts!


If you'd like to be interviewed for Meet Your Neighbour please fill out the form below!


Check out our previous episodes here!  

Surabhi Veitch _MG_0432.jpg

“"I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the Meet Your Neighbour series! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share my passions and expertise, and also explore ways I can support my community.”

— Surabhi Veitch, 

MYN Guest,

Owner, The Passionate Physio


Bernd Profile Pic.jpg

“I believe the Meet Your Neighbour sessions are an important tool for introducing us to the people and talents that exist in our neighbourhood. The more people tune in to either the live sessions or the recorded videos, the more they will appreciate the fascinating variety of perspectives, skillsets and opportunities that enrich our shared community.”

— Bernd Weller, 

MYN Guest




I had the pleasure of being on NeighbourLink North York's fabulous Meet Your Neighbour series and chatting with Lily Cheng for almost a full hour, which flew right by as we shared many laughs and stories and discussed our passion and deep-rooted love for Willowdale past and present. Sebastian Biasucci did a masterful job prepping me for the appearance and producing the show and both he and Lily created a warm, and welcoming atmosphere.


Since my appearance, I've watched many of the Meet Your Neighbour shows that Lily and Sebastian have done and always find the show riveting. While the backgrounds of the guests are always unique and interesting, one thing they all have in common is a mutual interest in making Willowdale, and all of North York, for that matter, a better place to be. While I moved to New York years ago, my heart will always belong in Willowdale and I'm eternally grateful that Lily is keeping the wonderful spirit of Willowdale alive and well!"

— Howie Kluger, 

MYN Guest

Co-Creator of Willowdale in the 70s FB group

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