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415 Summer Youth Programs

Thanks to generous donations through the Ecclesiastical Grant we are able to host a Basketball Drop In every Wednesday evening and a Day Camp for youth every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. These programs provide young people from under-resourced part of our neighbourhood with meaningful activities, connections and mentorship. 


"In the first couple of weeks we’ve seen the positive impact that our program has had. Some of the children that we’ve had the privilege of working with have really stepped out of their comfort zone. We’ve had kids that were reluctant to tell us their name on the first day who are now sprinting to come and see us.

The typical day consists of a shoot-around period where the youth can get some shots up before programming. We then have a period of life skills where we emphasize topics such as leadership, mental well-being, motivation, and community safety." (Continue Reading Here)

- Jordan, Youth Program Coordinator 

"While every child in our art camp is unique in their own way, If I could describe them all in one word... I'd say they're IMAGINATIVE! These kids are full of energy and creativity that are just craving an artistic outlet.


For me, the memorable moments are when I get to check in on each participant and explore their interests through the art medium they're using that day. I've discovered that these girls have so many gifts and loads of potential to pursue artistic pathways. What is memorable for me is having the opportunity to nurture these children's talents"

Community Youth Worker 





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