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Willowdale Yard Sale Day

For 2023 registration and Yard Sale Map CLICK HERE


Meet Your Neighbour Week culminated with Willowdale Yard Sale Day on Saturday August 21st! It was an opportunity for Willowdalers to treasures and shop the neighbourhood before the end of the summer.


25+ Yard Sale hosts registered for free to host sales on their front yard and driveways across Willowdale. We used the information they provided to us to create the Willowdale Yard Sale Map to advertise the event. It ended up getting 5,000 views. 

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Are you and your business interested in partnering with us on

this event in the future? 

You can sponsor the Willowdale Yard Sale Map, a Willowdale mailer and yard sale signs. This would be an incredible opportunity to get your company's name out in the community with a positive affiliation!

To further discuss partnership opportunities email​​



Over 30 neighbours registered to be vendors for the Willowdale Trunk Sale that took place at 70 Hilda Avenue on Saturday August 21st.  Many of them were condo dwellers who aren't typically able to host a yard sale.

Neighbours were able to shop from trunk to trunk and purchase new and used items, artisanal goods and delicious food! 



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