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Partner Testimonial: Stephen

“Hi, I’m a long-time Willowdale resident who has been volunteering in

different ways over the past years, one of which is as a board member for a local

community group. I’m also a NeighbourLink supporter. Here are some reasons why I

choose to support NeighbourLink North York:

1. The money collected and spent by NeighbourLink North York goes to people

that live in our community. It’s hyper-local, unlike other other charities that

have a broader mandate to support beyond the Willowdale community.

2. NeighbourLink doesn’t spend vast amounts on marketing and staff salaries.

Much of their work is done by volunteers. As a result, the majority of money

collected through fundraising and government grants goes to the people that

need it. AND it also means they need our support to operate.

3. NeighbourLink is a driving force for good in our community. They have

hundreds of volunteers that support many different initiatives and assist not-

for-profit groups to host no cost / low cost events. Without their support we

wouldn’t have things like Taste of North York, the Christmas Market at Mel

Lastman square or many other community events that have happened over

the past year. The WCRA has been collaborating with NeighbourLink for a

few years now and we have seen first hand the benefits they bring to our


Please consider supporting NeighbourLink North York by becoming a monthly donor.

$20 a month will support a senior with social activities and nutritious food. $50 a month

will support under-resourced youth living in our community, and $75 a month will provide

a family with groceries.

Thanks for your time and kind consideration”


Join Stephen in supporting the work that we do! Donate before midnight on New Years Eve to get a 2023 tax receipt! Visit 

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