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Willowdale in the '70s family - thank you for joining us! We proudly support the work of NeighbourLink North York, in particular their newly launched 415 Food Hub. This specialized food bank provides dignified access to healthy food, including fresh produce, dairy, eggs and meat. Established in 1994, NeighbourLink North York is a registered charity that seeks to alleviate poverty and social isolation in our beloved community. (All Canadian donations will receive a tax receipt. Click Here to view the 2021 Annual Report.) Wow! Willowdalers helping Willowdalers! What could be better than that?!


A Huge Thank You!


We are so grateful to the 203 Willowdale in 70s members who contributed to this fundraiser! It was remarkable to see the love you all have for this neighbourhood, and your contributions will go a long way toward fighting food insecurity in this community. Scroll below to see the Thank You Wall


We hit the December 31st goal of $10,000 which took NeighbourLink North York over the finish line of our total $50,000 end of year fundraising goal! It was truly a miracle! 

While this fundraiser allows us to start the new year on solid footing we are still not full funded for all of 2022! You can still make a tax deductible contribution below! Thank you! 

Having issues making donations on the website?

First try to : CLICK HERE to donate.

If you continue to have difficulties, one of our staff can help you make the donation over the phone. Please email Maria at to coordinate the call.


WITS Thank You Wall

Adam A

Alana B (in memory of Corrado)

Aldo V (in honour of Bruno Vattese)

Alex K

Allison B

Allison K

Amira K

Andrea C

Andrea E (in honour of Howie Kluger)

Andrew R (in memory of Lisa Johnson)

Ann H

Anne M

Antonietta R 

Arlene K (in memory of all the amazing times had in Willowdale)

Asher T

Astra G

Barb E

Barb M

Barb S (in honour of John, Diane & Scott Savage)

Barbara T

Barb W 

Barrington W

Beth E

Blanche M

Brenda L

Brian B

Brian C

Brian C (in Katy Salvosa Campbell)

Brian M

Brian N

Campbell R (in honour of Ivor & Nancy Reid)

Candace C (in honour of James Kelley)

Carol G (in honour of Donald Leslie Graham)

Carol G (in honour of Wolfgang Doering)

Carol H

Cat W

Catharine H

Cathy D (in honour of their neighbours)

Cheryle G

Cheryl R

Colleen M

Constance K

Craig A (in honour of Helen Atkins) 

Dave S

David A (in honour of his parens)  

David G

Debbie F (in honour of Carlton Dieckbrader)

Debby M

Deirdre W

Donna T

Dominic R

Drew C

Edith W (in honour of Janek, Bonita and Dede)

Edward S

Edwin M

Elana P (in honour of her childhood in Willowdale)

Elayne N

Elayne W

Elizabeth E

Elise A

Elizabeth B

Elizabeth G (in honour of Tessa Gruber &

Sandra Suhr)

Erik M (in honour of Willowdale)

Ellen D

Essential Waste Services

Fran M (in honour of her family) 

Gabriele S

Grant W

Gwen D

Hans Leibrock (in honour of Josef H. Leibrock)

Heather G (in memory of Mary Griffiths)

Heather M

Helen B

Howie K (in honour of Leon & Rosalie Kluger)

HoYon L (in honour of Martin Mitchell)

Ian H

Jackie A

Jane G 

Janet F

Janine P

Jeanette B

Jeffery B

Jennie T

Jill R

Joanne G

Jodi F

Joe C

John K

John N 

Jonathan M

Judy G

Judy P

Judy S

Julie R

Julie T

Karen T

Kelly S (in honour of WITS)

Ken B (in honour of our parents Lila & Leslie Bernknopf

Ken Y

Kerry G

Kim H (in honour of Wendy Wilson)

Kim M

Kimberly K

Kirsten N

Kumru G

Lauren B (in honour of Lillian & Bernie Bassett)

Laura C

Laura L (In honour of Ross Lyford)

Laura L (in honour of Shirley Lyford)

Laura R

Laurie D

Lesley H

Lesley K (in honour of Lynn Goldstein)

Linda A (in memory of Wonderful Willowdale years)

Linda G

Linda K (in honour of her parents)

Lina O

Lisa A

Lisa G (in honour of Howie, Kirsten and Bruce)

Lisa O

Lori G (in memory of Paull)

Lori K

Louise T (in honour of Anthony, Marie & Marg Tosoni)

Lynda L

Margaret M (in honour of L.J Shaughnessy)

Mark N

Mark O  

Mark P

Mark R

Mark S (in honour of Rosaline & Harry Steinfeld)

Mark W (in honour of Alice Wenn)

Marilyn L

Maxeen M (in honour of Melburn & Hortense Mitchell)

Michael L

Michael S (in honour of the birthday girl)

Michelle H 

Michelle M (In honour of her mum, Diane White, turning 80 next month, who always consistently made donations to the Food Bank with the staunch belief that no one should ever go hungry)

Myrna M

Nancy K

Nick C

Nick S

Norm S

Pamela C

Patricia B

Patricia B

Patti B

Patti R

Paula A

Peter T

Phil M

Razeena K

Rebecca J

Rhonda C

Richard A (in honour of WITS)

Rob E

Robert F (in honour of Howie Kluger)

Robert H

Robert M

Ron M

Rosalie K (in honour of my husband, Leon J Kluger)

Ross W (in memory of Maxford & Gloria Waddell)

Roz B

Sahar W (in memory of Kam and Tahia Elguindi)

Sandee S

Sandy C

Sandy D (in honour of Mickey & Barbara Dempsey)

Scott C

Sharon S

Shelley F (in honour of her parents)

Silvia V (in memory of Bruno vettese)

Siobhan H

Starla F

Stephanie R

Stephen B (in memory of Kathy)

Steve B (in honour of Dr. Ted & Margaret Barton)

Susan M

Susan R (in memory of Ray & Flo Griffis)

Susan S

Sue G

Susy G

Suzanne C

Suze L

Suzy O

Sylvia F (in honour of Hector & Genevieve MacDougall)

Sylvia F (in honour of Mrs. Roxanne Levita)

Tamara B

Ted R (in honour of Howie Kluger)

Tracy B 

Tracy P

Tom W

Valerie P (in memory of her Dad, Ernie Buck)

Valerie S (in honour of my dad, brother and husband)

Vivian G

Wanda H (in honour of all the teachers at Woodbine, Don Valley Junior High and Vanier)

Warren B (From him and Rayna Levitt and a little extra from their kids)

Wendy S

William Lobraico (in honour of my father, William (Bill) Lobraico)

William N