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Bruce Anderson

Group Founder & Admin.


Howie Kluger

Group Founder & Admin.


Kirsten Ness

Group Founder & Admin.


Willowdale in the '70s family - thank you for joining us! We proudly support the work of NeighbourLink North York, in particular their newly launched 415 Food Hub. This specialized food bank provides dignified access to healthy food, including fresh produce, dairy, eggs and meat. Established in 1994, NeighbourLink North York is a registered charity that seeks to alleviate poverty and social isolation in our beloved community. (All Canadian donations will receive a tax receipt. Click Here to view the 2021 Annual Report.) Wow! Willowdalers helping Willowdalers! What could be better than that?!


A Huge Thank You!


We are so grateful to all of the Willowdale in 70s members who raised 10K toward our our 50K Year End Goal last year! It was remarkable to see the love you all have for this neighbourhood, and your contributions went a long way toward feeding 120+ families each month!

This Years Campaign

For NeighbourLink to be sustainable in 2023 and continue supporting families, single moms, seniors, under-resourced youth and newcomers we have set a goal of 75K! 


Will you help us get there and join our Neighbours Helping Neighbours campaign?  We invite you to make a tax deductible contribution below! Thank you! 

Having issues making donations on the website?

First try to : CLICK HERE to donate.

If you continue to have difficulties, one of our staff can help you make the donation over the phone. Please email Maria at to coordinate the call.

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WITS Thank You Wall

Adam Adler
Jodi Albert-Tillotson 
Julie Archer
Scott Armstrong
David Arnett

Paula Barsky Ashley
David Bailes
Stephen Baker

Pat Balfour
Barrington Barrington

Laura Bassett Beck (My WillowParents, Lillian & Bernie)
Stacey Levy Beliak
Ken Bernknopf

Rick Betts
Jeffery Botnik
Tracy Bourassa
Lisa George Bowditch

Allison Broadhurst
Leah Miltchin Carson
Patti Chapman
Suzanne Cheslo
Deneen Cole-Ashbury
Cathy Coulter

Beth Crane
Nicole Pereira D'Cunha

Pete Dillon
Heather Begley Dinsmore
Cathy du Preez-Kiss
Fran Dowson
Theresa Duncan
Susan Eastwood
Shelley Feldman
Debbie Fetterly (Irene Carlton)
Lori Gerring Freedman

Bill Freedman
Brenda Gibbs
Fleur Govaerts
Carol A Graham (Karen Jean Graham)
Yitka Meche Graham
Kelly Green

Susan Jamieson Griffith
Tracey Hamilton
Lynne Hart

Yasmin Hassan
Lori Hawkins
Hope Hickli

Siobhan Hill
Wanda Ho
Michelle Hope
Mayer N Jo
Barbara Kenzlers
Roslyn Keri (Bess and Chaim Fishman)
Amira Khalil

Connie King
Tom Koehler
Scott Kitchener
Ingrid Graefner Knight

Gloria Korson
Howie Kluger
Trudy Lambert
Michael La Morre
Marilyn Schick Lane
Monika Langhammer
Heather Lapedus-Riley

Lynda Lawrason
Starla Lee

Tara Levkoe
Brenda Loebel-April
Sue Madden
Ed Mares
Eric Mark

Lori Korn Markus
Catherine Maugeri-Schuck
Kim Mcallister

Debby McDowall
Myrna McKnight
Cathy McNally
John McNamee
Corey Mellon
Todd Miller
Liza Smith Morrison
Lynn Eagleson Morrovat
Susan Moscoe
Glen Muldoon
Margaret Mund
Stephen Munro 
Dawn Murray Nadeau
Brian Near 
Marla Noble
Marilyn O'Malley
Lisa Ostos
Narelle Parker
Sandra Peirce (K.G. MacMillan)
Valerie Buck Petroff
Elana Polan 
Jill Ramsay
Kevin Reid (Ivor and Nancy Reid)
Melissa Hogg Rhynold
Donna Thomas-Robertson
Julie Breithaupt Rosner
Graham Ross (Admin of Willowdale in the 70s)
Itty Ross
Eilidh Samarelli
Barb Savage
Gabriele Schickedanz
Leah Scott

Sue Sepp-Gemmell
Sandee Sharpe
Lisa Shatford
Stuart Shecter (My parents Jack & Roselyn Shecter)
Maureen Short
Stacey Sicard
Lisa Hoffman Smagaren
Wendy Steinberg
Mark Steinfeld (Rosaline & Harry Steinfeld)
Valerie Stillman
Mike St. Pierre
Kelly Strickland
Dan Strumos (Steve Strumos - P&S Burger)
Rebecca Szerman
Judith Lynn Tallevi
Janet Torch (My Willowdad, Al Schaffel)
Leila Tuomisto
Jennie Tyl
Mitch Unger
Taria van Weesenbeek
Larry Webb (Willowdale mom, Ena Webb)
Diane Thomson Welch

Jacqueline Hudson Wells
Lori Wells
Tracey Welsford
Lynn Howes-Whitehouse
Robin Wlochal 
Rob Wyrwicz
Marina Zouzias
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