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Christmas Hampers 2020


Thanks to all that contributed!  

118 Christmas Hampers were distributed in 2020 with $1800 in grocery gift cards.

Interested in partnering with us on this event next Christmas? Email

"My husband lost his job due to COVID this year, and we were really struggling as a family. This Hamper program gave us the opportunity to feel the spirit of Christmas with all the food that we were able to put on our table, and the kids were able to open presents from our generous North York Santa! I hope this will continue every holiday season. We are so grateful!”

                           - 2020 Christmas Hamper Recipient

IMG_8155 (1).jpg

"When I was younger, I was a recipient of an initiative similar to this, and I've always wanted a chance to give back and be a donor myself. I was really glad to have found out about the Christmas Hamper initiative because it was exactly what I wanted to do, and I'm grateful for your organization of this initiative. I was really happy to make someone's Christmas a little easier and happier especially in these uncertain time.

                      - 2020 Christmas Hamper Sponsor

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