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Meet Your Neighbour Week 

neighbour meet up.jpg

August 14th to the 21st was Meet Your Neighbour Week August! A full week of connecting with all of the amazing residents that make Willowdale such a special place! 

The week consisted of a series of meet ups in our neighbourhood organized for neighbours by neighbours!


Hosts registered and received a Meet Your Neighbour Kit with posters and activity ideas. They went on to invite neighbours for barbecues on their driveways, get togethers in parks and lemonade and freezies on their front lawns! 

Food Bank Collection

Neighbour meet ups doubled as mini food drives where meet up hosts asked their neighbours to bring non-perishable food items with them when they stopped by. 

All food collected will be going NeighbourLink's new food hub opening at 415 Willowdale in the fall

Volunteers Packing Food
Volunteers Packing Food

August 21st Events

Willowdale Yard Sale Day 

Garage Sale Items

Meet Your Neighbour Week culminated with Willowdale Yard Sale Day on Saturday August 21st! It was an opportunity for neighbours to sell their treasures and shop the neighbourhood before the end of the summer.


For more information visit our Yard Sale Day page!

Willowdale Trunk Sale


As part of Yard Sale Day, we hosted a Trunk Sale where over 30 neighbours sold items in the parking lot of Willowdale Christian Reformed Church (70 Hilda Avenue)


For more information visit our Yard Sale Day page!

Bread And Batteries
Recycling Event

electornic recycling.jpeg

In partnership with the ERA we hosted an Electronic and Battery Recycling Drive on Saturday August 21st at Earl Haig Secondary School

The event also served as a Food Drive for our upcoming food bank. 

For more information visit our Bread and Batteries page!

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