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Meet Your Neighbour Week
June 18-25 


Here's how to participate:

1. Download our Tic-Tac-Toe Card
2. Fill in the names of as many neighbours as you know in the squares.
3. If you have empty spaces, go out and meet your neighbours to complete the card
4. Send your completed card to 


June 18th-25th was our 2nd Meet Your Neighbour Week! An opportunity to get to know the people of Willowdale

You can still invite those on your street to your front lawn to participate in a small meet. See ideas and invites below!

Meet Your Neighbour Week concluded with Willowdale Yard Sale Day. Learn more HERE

Download the below card HERE

Meet-your-neighbour tick-tac-toe

Download the below invite HERE

neighbour-meet-up dinner-party
Volunteers Packing-Food Smiling-people

Make it a Food Drive!

Neighbour meet ups can double as mini food drives where food can be collected for our 415 Food Hub!

Food collected can be dropped off at Tuft's Valu-Mart!

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BBQ 3.jpg
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