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volunteer food-hub

The 415 Food Hub is our newly established food bank located in a local Toronto Community Housing complex at 415 Willowdale. On November 26th we were able to provide meal kits to over 80 families, including 130 children. 


Our recipients are so grateful for this generous provision especially with the increased prices of groceries. When we told one food bank patron that the surrounding neighbourhood had provided the food and resources being distributed, she was deeply moved to know that her neighbours cared about her and her family.

Thanks to the support of our surrounding community paired with generous pricing provided by our local No Frills at Centerpoint Mall, we were able to provide:

  • Fresh produce (apples, clementines, pineapple, bananas, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes)

  • Bread

  • Milk and milk alternatives

  • Meat and meat alternatives

  • Baking supplies

  • Non-perishables

  • Toiletries and baby supplies

volunteer food-hub

November Food Hub

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