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2022 Thanksgiving Turkey Miracle!

This Thanksgiving we celebrated the one year anniversary of our community food bank. For 12 months we distributed fresh produce, poultry, dairy products, toiletries and non-perishables to families experiencing food insecurity at the local Toronto Community Housing Complex. In recent months we were able to expand our support low income seniors at Willowdale Manor.

This Thanksgiving, Willowdale neighbour came through once again!

We're so grateful to everyone who contributed our Thanksgiving Fundraiser! On Friday October 7th we distributed 83 turkeys, 48 chickens, 130 pies, 130 bags of potatoes and 45 prepared meals to 120+ families and 50 seniors in Willowdale. That's 170 Thanksgiving tables with food that our community came together to provide!

You can see the smiles of some of our clients and the delicious turkeys they prepared! Our clients have been instrumental in shaping our 415 Food Hub! They make us laugh, they share their stories and give back in so many wonderful ways! Mr. Hussein, photographed here, even brought down the most delicious chai tea to warm up our volunteers! We’re grateful they allowed us to share their photos and smiles with you.

An enormous thank you to the volunteers who made our Thanksgiving Pop Up on Friday possible! It was incredible to see students and families come out to distribute fresh food to our clients to enjoy over the holiday weekend!

They greeted them with warm smiles, treated neighbours with dignity and many helped carry the abundance of food directly to their residences!

We're so grateful to everyone who made our Thanksgiving Pop Up Possible! Thank you to:

  • The neighbours who donated over $1,700

  • Lansing United Church for their generous $1,000 contribution

  • Tuft's Your Independent Grocer for donating chickens, pies and potatoes

  • Michael from Fennel Kitchen and Immanuel 7th Day Adventist Church for donating delicious prepared meals

  • Loblaws Bayview Village and Food Basics at Yonge and Sheppard for gift card donations

  • Our incredible volunteers who distributed and delivered food

You can contribute to our Food Hub by:

- Volunteering (sign up at

- Donating toward the purchase of fresh food (

- Contributing to a Local Food Drive at (Tuft's Grocer, PetValu on Yonge, Lansing United Church)

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