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2022: The Year of Kindness In Willowdale

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

In the first hours of 2022, we wanted to reflect on the good that happened last year amidst all that is uncertain in our world.

Here are 10 things we are grateful for at NeighbourLink North York:

  1. An incredible team of staff, volunteers and the community that has shaped NeighbourLink North York together.

  2. We launched the 415 Food Hub - a friendly food bank that focuses on the provision of fresh and nutritious food along with the dignity of choice.

  3. Weekly prayers that have undergirded our work for an entire year.

  4. We made it to the end of the year. We started with very little and have operated with an ever present funding cliff in sight.

  5. A kind and generous neighbourhood that keeps showing up to help out neighbours in need.

  6. Beautiful memories - Meet Your Neighbour Week, Donut Days and the inaugural We Love Willowdale Christmas Market.

  7. We reached our year-end fundraising goal of 50K before the clock struck midnight on December 31!

  8. The amazing people we were able to hire through the Canada Summer Grant that have helped us to expand infrastructure and impact.

  9. The many miracles we have witnessed this past year that have amazed and humbled us - such as feeding 500 people for Thanksgiving!

  10. People like you who have shared in our journey!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure of building a hyper local community development organization. It’s not too late to contribute to NeighbourLink North York. We are not fully funded for all of 2022 - so every dollar helps us continue this important work into the new year.

You can do so at

And here is our proposal for 2022 - Let us make it the Year of Kindness in Willowdale. As we grapple with unprecedented levels of anxiety and divisiveness - we want to create a counter narrative and culture that is focused on kindness. Stay tuned for ways you, your faith community, your business, your family or your school can get involved.

On behalf of our team - Happy New Year - let’s make 2022 - A Year of Kindness!

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