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And the winner is...

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The true winner of our year end giving campaign is all of us! When we invest in a hyper local community development organization, meaningful pathways for serving those in need are built, friendships are forged and our community is strengthened. Please read my letter to hear how we are impacting lives on the front line.

My name is Colleen Stevens, a NeighbourLink Outreach Worker, and a proud Willowdaler for over 20 years!

Over the past few weeks, we have run community care initiatives like our Christmas Hamper program and our Christmas Food Distribution, but there are several other ways your contributions help us help our neighbours!

Here are just some of our community care achievements in 2021:

  • We built an enduring relationship with a single, chronically ill man with regular home visits, where we helped by building and winning a case for ODSP benefits, arranging for 80+ healthy meals to encourage him, accompanying him to medical appointments as well as mobilizing his own gifts of hospitality in the community.

  • We supported a single mom and four children who entered a shelter for the summer by cleaning her apartment, signing her children up for summer camp, hosting birthday parties for her children and arranging meal train deliveries.

  • We hosted a Youth Arts Drop-In through July and August, which led to meaningful conversations and working with 30 youth this fall to build career skills and find work.

  • We provided referrals to clients to connect them with food resources, transportation services, home care and legal aid in the community

Our outreach team also does weekly visits with members of the community. Sometimes the most important thing we can provide is simply a listening ear.

While working with single moms, their children, and isolated single men and women, I have had the privilege of listening to their stories and referring them to further support.

I have been buoyed by the generosity and kindness of our community. Our volunteers, drivers, youth and staff want to continue providing this support in 2022! By making a tax deductible donation here you're helping to ensure this meaningful work continues! Thank you for your contribution and may the final days of 2021 be filled with peace and joy!


Colleen Stevens

Outreach Worker

NeighbourLink North York

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