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Announcing NeighbourLink's Next Executive Director!

Hello Neighbours,

I'm Doug McDougall, the Acting Chair of the NeighbourLink North York Board. I hope the first weeks of 2023 have treated you and your families well! As many of you know, after the municipal election in October, our Executive Director Lily Cheng departed NeighbourLink North York to assume the position of Toronto City Councillor. We wish her the very best and we are grateful for her hard work, dedication, and leadership during her time at NeighbourLink.

Effective immediately, the Board of Directors has named Maria Speare to the position of Executive Director of NeighbourLink North York. Maria has been running the operations for over two years and had the reins securely in hand last summer and fall while Lily was running her campaign. The Board has every confidence in Maria given her track record of raising funds, managing staff, and directing NeighbourLink successfully on its mission to “engage and empower neighbours to care for each other in practical, relational and sustainable ways that gives everyone the opportunity to live out their potential”.

To all of you who have supported NeighbourLink with your time or donations, thank you for your kindness. This year looks to be another great opportunity to serve our neighbourhood. The Board of Directors is looking forward to Maria leading the enterprise with her more than capable team. Blessings in all that they do.

On behalf of the board and staff, we wish you and your families all the best for a happy and healthy new year!

Doug McDougall

Acting Chair

NeighbourLink North York Board of Directors

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