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Art Camp Reflections

Alyssia Nahar, Neighbourlink's Community Youth Worker, reflects on the recently launched art camp...

While every child in our art camp is unique in their own way, If I could describe them all in one word... I'd say they're IMAGINATIVE! These kids are full of energy and creativity that are just craving an artistic outlet.

So far we've done some really amazing artistic projects like watercolour paintings (with positive affirmations written overtop), superhero drawings (that helped each child recognize their own 'superpower'), and customizable pinch bowls (which brought out the uniqueness in every child's approach to design and practice using their fine motor skills).

For me, the memorable moments are when I get to check in on each participant and explore their interests through the art medium they're using that day. I've discovered that these girls have so many gifts and loads of potential to pursue artistic pathways in singing, storytelling, acrobatics, etc. What is memorable for me is having the opportunity to nurture these children's talents, and hopefully provide them with an outlet that can spark that creative journey for them to build upon as they grow. As an art kid myself, I never knew where the path to art would take me. Now, as an adult, there are so many jobs that have allowed me to use my creative talents to inspire others, to appreciate art the way I have grown to appreciate it -- as a way to express the complexity of our feelings.

The parents of these girls have expressed to us that they look forward to attending our Youth Arts Lab every week! They are eager to work with every art medium we provide, and are excited to see where their creativity will take them each day.

I'm SUPER EXCITED for the weeks to come! We are going to have some really fun activities for these kids like fairy jar making, and slime making, and we will have some very TALENTED program facilitators coming in to teach the girls about clay making and soul collaging.

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