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August Volunteers of the Month

Meet Yvonne and Evie are two Volunteers of the Month for August! Both of them made incredible contributions to our Youth Mobilization Network!

We asked Evie and Yvonne to reflect on their experiences volunteering with NeighbourLink.

Evie said:

I’ve always taken great joy in meeting new faces and helping out the community. Volunteering is a way for me to stay involved in my community and I look forward to every opportunity where I can gain new experiences. What started as merely collecting hour requirements for graduation turned into making some of the most memorable moments of my life. Additionally, volunteering has prompted me to be more outgoing and lively, which has helped me build valuable relationships through various events and in my personal life as well. I was first introduced to Neighbourlink through a friend whom I continue to volunteer with till this day. I'm forever grateful for the several opportunities this simple action has provided me with. The amazing staff, volunteers, and community members make every moment I spend at events worth it. I look to continue lending a helping hand in this community along with the other wonderful team of volunteers at neighbourlink!

Yvonne said:

Volunteering with NeighbourLink has been a deeply gratifying experience for me. Firstly, the sense of community and the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives motivate me. My favourite part of volunteering is undoubtedly the smiles and gratitude I witness when helping seniors feel less lonely or assisting newcomers in finding their place in our community. I initially started volunteering with NeighbourLink through a friend's recommendation. Hearing about the organization's mission to bridge gaps in our community resonated with me, and I wanted to be part of that change.

As for why I continue volunteering with NeighbourLink, it's because I've seen firsthand the meaningful difference it makes. Knowing that my time and effort contribute to a stronger, more connected community keeps me inspired. Volunteering with NeighbourLink has become a fulfilling part of my life, and I plan to continue supporting their mission for as long as I can.

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