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Launch of 'Tea Time at 415'

On June 29th, in honour of Seniors Month, NeighbourLink launched our FIRST Senior Social Event called "Tea Time at 415." We had a group of 8 seniors who supported the initiative by providing their own handmade teas as well as seniors who willingly contributed to the scenery by supplying us with lovely handmade lace tablecloths. We had beautiful floral arrangements that were gifted to all the guests and supplied by Claire from Alisera Designs, as well as tasty finger food treats that were baked with love from the hands of Willowdale community members.

We were touched to provide this opportunity to acknowledge the seniors of 415, who deserve to be seen, heard and most of all HONOURED. It warmed our hearts to see the lovely smiles on the faces of the seniors at 415 and in light of that we are looking forward to provide more opportunities to celebrate our seniors this summer by providing them with an upcoming Senior Social Hour!

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