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May Volunteer of the Month

Our May Volunteer of the Month is Sheila!  Sheila has been a great help and a wonderful dose of sunshine this past year. At our second Mother's Day event last month she created beautiful floral centrepieces, providing single moms with an elevated tea party experience!

Sheila is also the final member of the Community Care volunteer team that we would like you all to meet! As a part of the this  team, Sheila has shown that she is a proactive, kind, and multi-faceted volunteer to our neighbours-in-need in Willowdale. Sheila has bonded with several neighbours through this work. We are so appreciative that Sheila has been a long term volunteer, making wellness checks and dropping off food packages via our Mobile Food Delivery program (food from the Immanuel Seventh-Day Adventist Church) to neighbours who are not able to visit the food bank themselves. 

Sheila reflected on her volunteer experience and said, “ As I am semi-retired, I wanted to have something to occupy my day and I wanted it to be something worthwhile so I started volunteering.  I first started volunteering at Neighbourlink's first Mother's Day event last year. I continue  volunteering at Neighbourlink as I love being part of a team and becoming friends with the other volunteers and the clients. I really enjoy working with the volunteers here as they are all here to make a difference!  Neighbourlink is the kind of organization where people can observe and help however they can. It's a place where all acts of kindness, no matter the size, are welcome. It's a place that allows our community to feel unified, to get to know their neighbours, and build connections. This is why I look forward to continuing to volunteer with this team!”

We look forward to having her! 

Be sure to check out Sheila's yard sale at her home on Yard Sale Day (Sat June 22). She will be selling furniture, garden/patio items, children's bicycles,  and PLANTS she grew in her garden! 

The map of dozens of Home Yard Sales taking place in Willowdale on Sat June 22 and more info about the Yard Sale Day event can be found at

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