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The joy of sponsoring a Christmas Hamper

A Testimonial from a multi-year sponsor

Sponsoring a hamper does not take a lot. It starts with a desire to share some joy and love with someone at Christmas who might be struggling in ways we might not understand. It gives us a chance to encourage an individual or family by sharing some love.

I like to start with a container that's special and reusable. It might be a basket, a reusable storage box, or a cardboard box that's been wrapped and decorated. Then over a few weeks I start to fill my container(s) and the fun begins. Items that have been requested and a grocery gift card for sure but then special things like favourite teas, a Christmas mug, a handmade ornament, homemade cookies, I love to include a warm throw or scarf.

I have been preparing and sharing Christmas hampers for at least 2 years but before that delivered prepared hampers for NeighbourLink. It was the joy and sometimes the sharing of how much the hamper means to the person receiving it that makes me want to do this every year.

One person shared that she could wrap herself in the warm throw that was in her hamper after her chemo treatments and it would give her comfort as her Dr. had told she did not have long to live.

Another couple shared they thought they would not be able to have a turkey but because of the gift card they now could.

These interactions and others make me feel grateful that I can share with others when I've been given so much.

If you would like to have a blessed experience this Christmas then share a hamper because it's more than things, it's showing someone joy, caring, and love.

Interested in sponsoring a hamper for an individual or family? Sign up at and you'll be matched and given further instructions to help craft a hamper!

Can't put one together, but want to contribute? Visit that link and you'll find our Christmas fund where you can donate toward the creation of a hamper!

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