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Volunteer Youth Team At NLNY

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We are so grateful for the amazing staff that’s been working at NLNY this past summer! We wanted to introduce Rachael and Leshona from our final team…

(First Photo): Hey everyone! My name is Leshona and I’ve been the Volunteer Youth Worker for Neighbourlink this past summer. I’ve recently graduated from McMaster University with my Bachelor of Science. Throughout my undergrad, I developed a love for community outreach, and creating programming for youth. I felt called to pursue this path and I will be starting my community development program in the fall. I’m very glad to have been at Neighbourlink for these past few months.

Our youth volunteers come from all over Willowdale and attend various high schools in the area and it has made me so happy to see them become friends as they played sports, got to know seniors, made art, and beautified parks together. It’s been a pleasure working with the team and the youth!

(Second Photo): Hi my name is Rachael! I'm going to be a 12th grade student at Earl Haig Secondary School. I've been working with Neighbourlink as a Youth Volunteer Coordinator this summer! During my time working with the staff behind the scenes creating and supporting events has given me a new perspective in the world of working as well as the opportunity to meet new people in my community. I’ve been privileged to learn and grow with Neighbourlink while seeing the change we bring to Willowdale!

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