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Willowdale Yard Sale Map

For registration and the 2023 Yard Sale Map CLICK HERE


Shop & Meet Your Neighbours!

Check out the map and list below.  There will also be 30 neighbours selling from their cars at 70 Hilda Avenue from 9am-1pm that day as well! 

yard sale banner.jpeg

To plan where's you'll shop, find out what time the sales are and what people are selling check out our Willowdale Yard Sale Map below! ​

30+ Vendors at 70 Hilda

And...These Locations:

172 Betty Ann Drive

81 Burndale Ave.

162 Cameron Ave.

200 Cameron Ave

83 Churchill Ave

31 Danville Drive

58 Finch Avenue

2 Gemini Rd

72 Harlandale Ave

89 Hillcrest Ave

129 Holcolm Road

170 Hollywood Ave

5 Inez Ct

101 Johnston Avenue

122 Johnston Ave

246 Johnston Ave

248 Johnston Ave

8 Logandale Road

23 Logandale Rd

34 Logandale Rd

85 Norton Ave

87 Norton Ave

49 Parkview Avenue

72 Parkview Ave

36 Sandbourne Cres.

127 Spring Garden Ave.

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