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Looking Back at We Love Willowdale Donut Day

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

By: Sebastian Biasucci [Event Coordinator]

When I joined NeighbourLink North York as the Event Coordinator I did not expect that the first event I’d be coordinating would be a Donut Day, but I couldn’t think of a sweeter way to start the summer!

As soon as we found out that Krispy Kreme partners with charities to sell donuts we just knew we had to make a day out of it, and I’m so glad we did. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to raise funds for the food hub that we’re opening this summer. Willowdalers could fill their tummies with yummy donuts while helping feed the tummies of those in need in the process.

After a month of planning, the inaugural We Love Willowdale Donut Day arrived on Friday June 25th. We sold 365 boxes which is 4380 donuts! Seeing the two SUVs arrive overflowing with donuts was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. Over 50 of those boxes were purchased by generous neighbours who wanted them to be donated in the community. The day began with our Executive Director: Lily and Communications Coordinator: Kayla delivering those donuts to amazing people at the Canadian Helen Keller Centre, the Mitchell Field Vaccination Clinic, Willowdale Manor and Cummer Lodge Senior Homes.

Back at Wellspring Worship Centre, we were set up with a team of volunteers in Krispy Kreme hats and Donut Day signs. The rain was coming down, but that wasn’t going to stop us from getting Willowdale their donuts. At 3:30pm neighbours started arriving and they were greeted by drenched but cheerful student volunteers as they made their way to the pick up stations to receive their delicious donuts. It was so great to connect with new neighbours and tell them about NeighbourLink North York and the work that they’re helping us do!

Despite the weather or the urge to go straight home and devour their donuts, people stuck around and chatted with us and each other. I think that after a year and a half of isolation it was such a breath of fresh air to be able to safely interact with new people. It warmed my heart to see because building a connected community is at the core of what we do and was such a big reason we wanted to hold this fundraiser. It was a pleasure to organize this event and I think it turned out to be a success! I can’t wait for our next We Love Willowdale Donut Day!

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