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Our First Community Expo and Egg Hunt!

Last Sunday we held our first ever Community Expo and Egg Hunt in collaboration with Toronto Community Housing

90 individuals from 28 families in our local Toronto Community Housing complex came together with staff and volunteers for a really wonderful afternoon!

Children and youth bonded over friendly competition and ceased many prizes during the egg hunt, basketball, and outdoor games. Parents had the opportunity to mingle and learn more about summer camps and programs for their children.

Residents loved this opportunity to head outdoors and catch up with their neighbours!

Nakesha, a tenant representative said: "Everyone was appreciative and happy to be able to come out and have the children celebrate an important holiday especially after being inside for so many months and not being able to interact. It meant so much to each and everyone of us that Alexis and NeighbourLink goes beyond to place us first when planning events. The information tables for camps and getting our children involved and interacting with each other is a plus! We thank you immensely for all the hard work Alexis and NeighbourLink and all the staff like Lily, Colleen and everyone else that came out that day and gave a helping hand to make that event a success"

We’re grateful Project Canoe, Moorelands Camp and Willowdale Pentecostal Church were there to share information with families about their camps! We were also thrilled to have Access Employment there too!

Thanks to our Community Care team and all of the volunteers who made this happen!

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